5 Ways To Go From A Scarcity To Abundance Mindset

5 Ways To Go From A Scarcity To Abundance Mindset

Published On: August 2, 2021By

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When things don’t go according to your will, there are high chances that you will lean towards a scarcity mindset. You might consider that you do not have enough love, money, time, a job, or pretty much anything. Such a mindset is the root of all problems in your life!

As per the prime principle of manifestation, whatever you think and put your mind to, you attract it. If your mind is always hovering about the negative things in your life, your experience in life will indeed go on a trajectory downhill path.

Hence, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to shift your scarcity mindset to abundance. Today we will discover some great ways that will help you achieve a mind of abundance over time and get better at life. Let’s get started.

Focus on everything you have right now

If you feel that you do not have anything in life, take a pause in whatever you are doing right now, sit back and assess. Think about everything you currently have in your life. Do you have enough food, adequate shelter, and water to drink? There could be many more. Countless people are devoid of these basic necessities.

Hence, you are privileged enough. An abundance mindset is simply a mindset full of gratitude. It is about choosing to see the positive side of everything happening in your life and focus on what you already have. When you are grateful for things you already have, you will be naturally detached from the scarcity mindset.

Appreciate every possible thing you have in your life and understand their value. When you concentrate only on the good feelings and practice gratitude regularly, your positive feelings will help you in your journey of abundance and manifestation. For starters, write down five things you are grateful for every night before you doze off to sleep.

This will help you in identifying the good things around you and focus more on them.

Look for the lesson

Whenever you feel things are not going your way or you are losing out on something, always remember that whatever happens in your life happens for the best!

Did you just get an F on your scorecard? Or did your partner/best friend just cheated on you?
Don’t just think that you are not good enough or you are worthless. This is one of the worst thoughts you can ever have!
Instead, think about everything that you learned from that instance.

You might have learned a different approach to reading things or preparing for that exam. Similarly, you just came out from a toxic relationship that would have consumed your mind!

See? You know the drill already! It’s again, looking for the good things in everything.
There is always something good happening for you in the long run when you are getting hurt now. Remember, the universe has its own ways. Hence, be very positive.

Look for the lessons you acquired, understand how to grow and develop from that specific situation, and you will find yourself in a mindset of abundance and virtue.

Believe you are enough.

This is indeed easier said than done. If you struggle with a lack of self-worth and are constantly judging your worth based on a few past instances, it is time to let it go.

Anything which happened in your past which led you to believe that you are good enough for anyone or anything is an incredibly wrong notion!
Whenever you have this constant chatter in your mind, shift your thoughts towards the positive. Contradict your opinions and always repeat to yourself: I deserve everything in this world. Nothing can stop me in this world from achieving my goals!

Even better if you have a list of positive affirmations that you repeat every day. Some good examples of positive affirmations you can include in your daily routine are:

  • I am beautiful in my skin
  • I deserve that job
  • I deserve every love in the world
  • Nobody can stop me from achieving anything in life
  • I deserve to be treated good and nothing less
  • I cannot settle for less

This will help you combat your limiting beliefs and will plant the seedling to an abundance mindset which will bloom over time.

Help change the world.

There are countless people currently struggling with different issues, including poverty, diseases, and what not. One of the best ways to inculcate an abundance mindset is to contribute to people who are in dire need in the world.

If you have thoughts like,

  • I am not worthy of anything
  • I am completely useless
  • I have no purpose in life

It is high time that you start helping others and contributing to mankind to help combat such thoughts.

Whenever you help someone, you will instantly find internal happiness and understand that you can make a change in somebody’s life! You do have the power to impact lives! So why just waste sitting in a corner of your room, crying for something so irrelevant?

Go out. Look out for people who are actually struggling and add your contribution. The quantity of your contribution doesn’t matter here. Every contribution counts. Ensure that you have a clear and positive mindset whenever you are contributing to the world, and you will soon attract a mindset of abundance and positive results.

Find the possibilities

If you have made innumerable blunders in your life and still fret over it, you are again limiting your beliefs and promoting a mind of scarcity. Never let your guilt consume you. You are way better than that! To switch to a mindset of abundance, always look out for the possibilities. Look out for things that will help you mend your mistakes and do better in life.

Are you willing to apply for that job but scared if they will reject you for your past academics? Or are you scared to love again with all your heart since you just got cheated on?

Well, what if you actually got selected for that job? What if this person you see right now is your better half?
There are myriad opportunities that go unnoticed with a limited mindset. It is impotent that you ditch your fear and mindset of scarcity and explore the opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you get rejections in a few of them. Our life is a balance of good and bad things. After ten rejections, there are chances that you just get accepted in the last one.

Hence, always find the possibilities and have the courage to explore them without fretting over the consequences.
Again, remember? Universe has its own ways. Trust the process, and you will find your purpose in life.

Wrapping Up

Having a mindset of scarcity will suck out all the goodness in your life and will snatch all your opportunities away. It is vital that you start practicing the art of mindfulness and the journey to achieve a mindset of abundance. Never miss out on your daily affirmations, gratitude journaling, and positive thoughts. Always look for the lessons you learned after every bad event and learn to let it go. You are growing, and you will get everything you deserve sooner or later!

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