The Miracle Morning – 6 Habits to Create A Successful Morning Routine

The Miracle Morning – 6 Habits to Create A Successful Morning Routine

Published On: January 11, 2021By
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The morning has always been a difficult time for all of us to get ready for work, to have breakfast, and the race of life begins with the morning. If you wake up every morning and check your phone right away, get stressed by getting late, and you can’t understand why you’re not getting the success and happiness you’re looking for, then this post can help you figure out what’s wrong.

Performance of the day largely depends on what you do in the morning. Many of the world’s most popular people have the same morning rituals. And it’s not just a coincidence that all of these popular people are sharing the same morning routine. There is a reason why high-achieving individuals have many morning routines in common that make their day full of productivity and creativity. There are some things you can do when you wake up and prepare yourself for the day. If you aspire to be as good as the most successful people in the world, then apply these miracle morning routine habits to your morning.

If you ever want to be successful, you’ll need a productive day, and every productive day begins with an active morning routine. And there’s no wonder that we all need that wonderful morning routine to boost our energy and pump us up for the day. But before you write down all the morning routines habits that you should follow, let’s understand what the morning routine is?, and why so many people swear by its power to change your life. And how you can use it to accomplish your goal and make your day more efficient.

What Is Miracle Morning Routine?

Hal Elrod added “The Miracle Morning routine” to his best-selling book “The Not-So-Obvious Secret” Guaranteed to Transform Your Life. He reveals that the process of self-improvement consists of waking up early in the morning to set up a regular morning routine, through six habits, he called it a life-saving ritual. Hal’s “Miracle Morning” shows the six morning practices that helped him reconstruct his life after he lost almost everything. When the U.S. economy collapsed in 2008, I crashed with it,” Elrod said. After six months of a downward spiral in his health, finances, and career, he tried to make a change. He analyzed high-performers’ personal growth activities and came up with six tried and tested routines that the most popular individuals swear by. And his life changed. His new morning routine led to drastic changes in his economy, emotional, and physical health in less than two months. He doubled his profit, got out of his depression, and started ultramarathon training.

He says that how you wake up every day and your morning routine or lack of it has a dramatic effect on your level of performance in every single aspect of your life. Good morning routine can really set the success tone for the rest of the day. A fantastic morning time can feel pretty magical, there’s more to a truly productive day than supernatural abilities at work. In reality, a morning routine that leads to success is a science that you can apply in your own life.

6 Morning Habits to Create the Success

But is there any right way for a morning routine? Does morning ritual and healthy breakfast have so much effect on our life? It can be a little hard to swallow that there are certain habits that you follow that can make you successful. But it doesn’t seem that bad, does it? Let’s take a glance at these miracle morning routine habits, and understand how these successful people stick to these routines.

The six acronym SAVERS is used by Elrod to make it easier to remember and follow, indicating the six morning habits of Miracle Morning for daily practices. And each of the SAVERS acronym letters stands for:

1. S – Silence.

A period of purposeful silence of at least 5 minutes can kick start you morning. It could be meditation or just appreciating the ambience. This can mean that you take a few deep breaths, meditate, repeat a mantra to yourself, etc. The point of this habit is just to start your day with calmness and clarity to give you peaceful mind.

2. A – Affirmations.

We all know the value of positive self-talk, and we even have a whole article devoted to affirmation and how it can help you succeed. The second habit of the Miracle Morning makes you think of encouraging affirmations and motivating words that will inspire you to achieve your goals with a sense of confidence and improve self-efficacy.

3. V – Visualizing.

The third practice is focused on the Law of Attraction. You can send your intentions to the universe by visualizing them. With this Miracle Morning habit, you will pause a second to see yourself through your day in your mind’s eye, do what needs to be accomplished, and make it happen.

4. E – Exercise

No body and mind are fit without exercising. The way your body needs food in the same way, our body  needs exercise to maintain health. The fourth habit of the Miracle Morning is to exercise and get your heart pumped and flow fresh oxygen to your brain. Even 10 minutes of yoga, cardio walking, or any kind of workout, will wake up your body and prep your brain to face the challenges that the day will eventually cause.

5. R – Reading.

This habit is the most overlooked habit that can change your life. We all know that input defines output, and whatever you consume in your morning has a big effect on your mind. By introducing the habit of reading to your morning, you will start the day by filling your brain with inspirational words and/or information that will help you reach your everyday to-doses. In the morning, avoid social media ciaos.

6. S – Scribing.

Putting your thoughts on paper helps you sort and organize your vision. The purpose of this morning’s exercise is to maintain a paper or a digital journal, depending on your preferences. This step consists of maintaining a written record of your positive thoughts and the means used to accomplish your goals, capture moments of satisfaction, awareness, etc. Writing helps you to track your insights as well as any areas of opportunity. The habit of dairying will encourage you to explain your thoughts and feelings by placing them on paper.

How Much Time Should You Give To Each Habit

Ideally, each habit will take up to 10-15 minutes to complete, which is up to an hour for the entire morning routine. But in today’s rush time most of the people don’t have an hour, we all have that early morning bus to catch up or have kids ready for school. And, Elrod does understand that, and if that’s the case, he says you can start doing each habit for just one minute. Just spare a minute for each SAVERS. That way, the Miracle Morning will take just 6 minutes from the start to the finish.

Then, if you can, progressively begin to wake up early and add more time to each habit, you can increase the timing of each habit according to your convenience. But save at least 6 minutes of your life for this. It’s going to change your life, and you’ll feel the difference. By following the six habits of the Miracle Morning, at the start of the day, you will set your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dials to the “well-being” environment. 

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