5 powerful Law of Attraction Quotes

5 powerful Law of Attraction Quotes

Published On: January 12, 2021By
Law of Attraction Quotes

At the very beginning of the process, law of attraction we’re all building an image of who we want to be. We’re filled with enthusiasm and confidence, that one day we’ll be the person we’ve imagined to be. And just like that, we’re starting our journey towards our goal.

Time passes and passes, and somewhere in the process, full of difficulties, we just forget why we began or what we wanted to do. We’re just starting to focus on all the bad aspects of the journey and feel that it’s not worth taking a ride to our goal.

At that time, we all needed a flashback of what we were trying to do. What we wanted our future to be. And how happy and joyful you were to think that one day you would have achieved your goal.

All of these glimpses will make you realize that these difficulties and these ups and downs are worth the reward you’re going to get.

What are powerful law of attraction quotes, and how can you use the law of attraction to create a life full of abundance and happiness? To understand that simply put, the law of attraction is a universal law of attracting like, which means that what you think about and more importantly what you feel is attracted into your life.

The powerful law of attraction is used by countless celebrities and successful people to improve their lives.

Quotes are not just statements that some people have written with knowledge of literature. The quotes are the phrases of the people, who are on the road of success, who have come from no-where to somewhere.

People who have successfully accomplished their goals over a long and difficult route. These quotes are based on the understanding of the experience of this difficult journey. A phrase that has given them the strength to proceed and has given them a daily reminder of what they want and how beautiful the destination is.

No matter where you’re on your resolution journey right now-at the begging, middle, or towards the end, these quotes will certainly inspire you.

1. Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions – Albert Einstein

The way the trailer shows what the film is all about in the same way that our imaginations are just a preview of how our future life can be. Our imagination has a lot of power, it inspires you to do whatever you’ve imagined making it a reality. It boosts your aspirations and keeps you motivated to pursue your goals. The Universe doesn’t understand the difference between what you want and what you dint want, it just reacts to what you think and imagine. So, if you want good, always think of good.

2. The better you FEEL, the more you ALLOW. – Abraham Hicks

Positivity never comes with strength, we all want to feel positive and motivated, but sometimes we just force ourselves to make us feel good. Instead of forcing yourself, be free from stress and try to get your self involved in the activity, you feel good about. If you dint like to read books, but you like to play video games, just go for it. It’s better to feel good about what you like than to feel stressed about what others say is good.

3. If you can imagine it in your mind, you can experience it in your REALITY.

The sky is the limit, it’s not just a phrase, it’s the reality of our human mind. How our mind works can be very complicated, but one thing is certain that whatever the thought of becoming rich or learning music has come to your mind, whatever it is, you can do it. If it can be achieved in our minds, then it can also be achieved in reality. Don’t wait too long to work towards your goal.

4. You get in life what you have the COURAGE to ask for

Law of attraction focuses mostly on the fact that you become what you believe, and that many people assume that it is the only side of the law of attraction. All you’ve got to do is visualize and you’re going to get it. But many of us ignore the other side of Law of attraction that your action towards your imagination will bring you closer to your goals.

5. The Law Of Attraction is ALWAYS working, whether you believe it is or not.

The Law of Attraction is not a gym membership, it only applies when you fill out the form. Law of attraction is the process of the universe just like your involuntary actions like breathing and heartbeat. It works all the time, and have an impact, whether you know it or not. Even at this moment, your actions, your thoughts and your behavior are writing your future.

It’s very natural to feel lost in darkness and tired of walking on a road you don’t know where it’s going. Let’s be honest, life isn’t full of flower beds, there are more thorns than roses.

Life is always one step ahead of our plans, and it’s really hard to foresee what happens next. Every once in a while, all we need is a little reminder of what we can do or a good quote to lift up the spirits.

Sobbing and complaining about the obstacles would be a waste of time, what we can do is learn and appreciate our journey and face our ups and downs with bravery.

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