How to Stop the Negative Chatter in Your Head and Build Confidence

How to Stop the Negative Chatter in Your Head and Build Confidence

Published On: July 14, 2021By
Negative Chatter

I am not good enough. I am ugly. I do not deserve anything in life. I am unworthy of love. My crush will never like me back. And many more.

If you have similar negative self talk sessions for hours every day until you fall asleep, chances are you are indeed going to lose your sanity pretty soon. Negative chatter in your head can significantly hinder your manifestation journey and pull you back from achieving what you desire. Your negative self talk sessions are just like a continuous track that plays on repeat.

But the worst part is, you think that you have already lost control over the volume and the channel. Guess what? You didn’t. You have complete control over every thought of yours. You can’t let any mere thought control you and hamper your sanity!

Here are five powerful actions that you should take STARTING TODAY to gain control over the negative chatter in your head and build your confidence back.

Acknowledge your emotions

The worst part about this negative chatter is that you might not even accept the negative thoughts you have in your mind. You need to actually acknowledge that you are having certain thoughts that are degrading your mental and physical health.
Only when you identify and acknowledge such thoughts, you can work on them. You need to hear your thoughts in your mind every time.
If you are stressed out, chances are there are over 500 words a minute wandering in your mind. You need to pay attention to the words else the words will go unnoticed.
You need to feel the emotions in your body, such as tension, sweating, a knot in the stomach, a barrier in the epiglottis, and what not.
If you feel sluggish or blue, identify the thoughts giving rise to the ongoing negative chatter.
If you are procrastinating, understand what the fearful thoughts are that are stopping you from getting your work done.

As we said, only when you identify your issues can you start working towards rectifying them!

Focus on your breathing

Even though you are aware of the root cause of your negative thoughts by now, it simply doesn’t help to calm you down at that moment.
In such cases, when you want to bring down the negative self chatter quickly, focus on your breathing.
Breathing exercises are fundamental yet one of the most underrated ways to calm down your mind from pretty much any turbulence.
First, focus on every possible breath as you inhale slowly, pause, and exhale. Be very mindful regarding every breath.
Next, start counting either backward or forwards and sync it with your breath. In short, just count your breaths gradually.
Even if you find the chatter going, even louder as you count, and interrupt you, don’t lose the pace. Focus on bringing your thoughts back to your count and breathing exercise. This way, you will start having the power of your thoughts, and you will find the chatter fading in no time.

Repeat Positive Affirmations

It doesn’t really matter whether you are on your manifestation journey or not. Affirmations work like magic in every situation!
Whenever you find the distinct chatter calling you unworthy, unlovable, ugly, bad, etc. Just remind yourself and repeat your favorite positive affirmation. Here are some great affirmations you can try out:

  • I am worthy of love
  • I am beautiful/handsome just the way I am

  • I love my body
  • I am grateful for everything I have
  • I am entitled to every love on this planet
  • I am more than this negative chatter
  • I am not a failure
  • Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals

And many more…

The main objective here is to contradict the negative chatter and face it with real courage.
Your thoughts label you as a failure. And you need to answer it back with a NO! YOU ARE NOT!
This will instantly build your confidence during such tense situations and stabilize your mind gradually.

Also, practicing affirmations every day has many more benefits. Hence, this should be a part of your everyday routine for a better and sustainable life.

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Honing in on the negative

Even though you have defeated your thoughts, for now, there are reasonable chances that it will come back again and now with a much better force! But, have you ever wondered why? Aren’t your thoughts a reflection of what you think?

You get the drill now.

The process of self-loathing and self-criticizing is lethal.
When you focus on just the negatives of your life, you get into a tunnel of perpetual thoughts that encourage your apathy or despair.

And like we say on every post, you attract what you give. If you indulge in this negative self talk, you are indirectly persuading the universe and attracting more bad luck.
Hence, whenever you think of any bad experience in your life, remember the positive lesson you learned from it. This will help you tone down the negative chatter and also help in your journey in manifestation.

Remove the NO’s

If you find your mind constantly comparing yourself with your fellow mates and demeaning you, it is time that you finally speak up about it.
Here are some thoughts that might wander in your mind:

  • I can never get this job
  • I do not deserve this job
  • I do not deserve her/him
  • I am not pretty/handsome enough to achieve them
  • I am not skillful enough to win this

If these are some phrases you constantly keep repeating in your mind, just remove the NO words from here!
As simple as it may sound, removing the nos from your thoughts will instantly give you a boost of energy and motivation! Just tell yourself that you are deserving of that university, job, or pretty much anything!

Wrapping Up

Even if your negative self talk sessions are unbidden, you need to take charge of them. Be very mindful and accept your negative thoughts to understand the plausibility. Take out time every day to practice breathing exercises, especially amidst the conflict. Be consistent with your affirmations and always combat your thoughts. Remove all the dejection, fear, and anything which limits you. Remember. You cannot let your negative thoughts defeat you. You are far better than that!

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