5 biggest mistakes beginners make while manifesting

5 biggest mistakes beginners make while manifesting

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Are you manifesting over a few months now and still don’t see any results? Is your belief in the power of the universe fading over time due to a lack of visible results? Well, hold on. After reading this, you will indeed change your thoughts about the process of manifestation and the law of attraction!

If you thought you are doing your manifestation right, you might need to reassess today! The core principle of manifestation lies in believing in yourself and attracting goodness from the universe.

However, at times, most people tend to make certain mistakes while manifesting their dreams! And these mistakes could be the sole reason why you are not getting successful at attracting the things you desire.

Hence, without further ado, let’s jump directly to the mistakes to avoid while manifesting your dream

Mistake #1: You are not satisfied with your current reality

We understand. You are manifesting a better life because you are dissatisfied with your existing reality. However, let us remind you. For manifesting your dreams, your desires should not be rooted in your current dissatisfaction.

Instead, it should be rooted in contentment with your existing reality yet striving for even better!

This may seem paradoxical to you. Nonetheless, this is precisely why you would see every law of manifestation guide talking about the importance of gratitude for manifesting your dreams.

You need to acknowledge and make peace with your current surroundings and manifest for better over time. If you tend to stay dissatisfied and unhappy, you are indirectly attracting the same from the universe

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Solution: Start a gratitude journal

For starters, every time you manifest anything, evaluate your “why“. However, your “why” should not be associated with your current dissatisfaction with your surroundings.

Next, you need to start a Gratitude journal and list out pointers about things you are grateful for in your everyday life. It could be as simple as the tasty food you had for your lunch or a small token of happiness you saw when you helped someone.

To sum up, you need to find the positives in your current life and understand that happiness comes from within. Your intentions to have more should be completely pure and free from any disappointment or unhappiness.

Mistake #2: You are not using your affirmations the right way!

Sure, your daily dose of affirmations plays a significant role in your manifestation journey. But only when you are doing it in the right way!

When you are using your affirmations incorrectly, you end up attracting the opposite of what you desire or even nothing out of your manifestation journey!

Your affirmations should be based on “what you want” instead of “what you don’t want”.

For example,
If you repeat affirmations like” I won’t be in debt anymore”, “I do not want to be ugly anymore“, or “He/She will not break up with me“, you are focusing more on the things you don’t want!

This way, you are attaching expectations to your affirmations along with attracting more bad vibes to your life!

Solution: Change your affirmations

As we said, the key element to use your affirmations in the right way is to focus on what you actually want instead of what you don’t want. Aim to write all your affirmations in the present tense.

Let’s consider the previous example.

The affirmation, “I won’t be in debt anymore”, can become “I have paid off all my debts, and my money is growing in abundance.

Similarly, “I don’t want to be ugly anymore” can become “I am beautiful the way I am.

Lastly, “We have a healthy, happy and strong relationship together“.

This will instantly shift the power of your affirmations to every goodness, which will help you attract your desires even better!

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Mistake #3: You are not taking action for your desires

If somebody told you, manifestation is the substitute for hard work; you are under the wrong guidance!

Most newbies tend to consider manifestation as an easy and full-proof way to achieve their goals effortlessly! Sure, it is a full-proof way to achieve your goals, but it demands action from your end!

You cannot sit idly and keep manifesting your desires and expecting that someday magic will happen and everything will come walking to your doorstep!
It surely doesn’t work that way!

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Solution: Create an Action Plan

Successful manifestation comes from figuring out the right balance between effort and ease. You need to take action to make your dreams happen instead of chanting your affirmations all day with zero productivity!

The best way to avoid this mistake while manifesting is by creating an action plan. Figure out everything you need to do both physically and mentally to achieve your dreams.

While you give your blood, sweat and tears to your work, you will also attract the goodness from the universe, resulting in achieving your desires in no time!

Mistake #4: You are obsessed with the outcome

Another mistake to avoid while manifesting your dreams is the obsession toward the final outcome. Sure, you want to see yourself in a better place.

However, if you attach yourself to the end result, you may not enjoy the process of getting there. This way, you can unknowingly create feelings of desperation and resistance to manifesting your dreams.

Solution: Practice detachment

By detachment, we do not want you to leave your daily affirmation and stop thinking about your goals. You need to let go of your manifestation when required instead of needlessly obsessing over it.

You should ensure that you are not attached to the results ever! If you achieve it, well and good. In case you don’t, you are on your way to attracting even better! At the end of the day, you cannot control your outcome.

You need to acknowledge and move on with everything you receive from the universe. Instead of fretting over not getting the results, you need to focus on the next better thing you want in your life.

Mistake #5: You are secretly afraid of change

Another crucial mistake to avoid while manifesting is being resistant to change, and new opportunities are coming in your way!

If you fear changes, you are indirectly manifesting the same in your life, which results in no new opportunities and outcomes!

Solution: Practice saying “Yes.”

By declining the opportunities, you are indirectly limiting your potential. Welcome every change and new opportunity with a warm welcome to your life. Accept everything in your life sportingly instead of fearing it even if it is not what you have asked for.

Surrender to the ongoing flow of life and let the universe guide you to your desires.

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Final Thoughts

The list of mistakes to avoid while manifesting can get even longer if we try pointing out every mistake you make in your everyday life while manifesting.

However, these major mistakes make or break (read: only break) your manifestation journey and attract the negatives into your life.

Thus, it is time that you restructure your entire manifestation strategy and focus more on avoiding these mistakes while manifesting your desires.

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