Avoid these 5 DUMB mistakes while setting goals: Why you can’t reach/achieve your goals!

Avoid these 5 DUMB mistakes while setting goals: Why you can’t reach/achieve your goals!

Published On: June 8, 2021By

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Everyone of us has always wanted to wake up to our own success story. Wake up to our dreams turned into reality. Wake up to all our hard work paid off into something we have always wanted.

There is a burning desire in all of us, the desire that motivates us, the desire that keeps us going, the desire that gives us a sense of purpose and meaning, the desire to create our reality.

Guess the answer to this! OR Maybe you already know the answer to this. What makes a man successful? What makes a man break the chains that stop him from achieving his dream life? From changing his desires into reality? What motivates him in wanting to reach to the top, to the clouds and above? What is the starting point of success?

If you have guessed it, congratulations! You are one step closer to everything you have always wanted. If you haven’t, don’t worry we’ve got you!


Is it really necessary to set goals?

There is a quote that goes like, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

Setting goals gives you focus. Without a goal, your efforts become meaningless, your efforts go to a lost cause. Setting goals makes you the Arnold Schwarzenegger of your own action movie (Action movie being your life, ofcourse!).

With these goals you will face new challenges everyday but they won’t stop you! WHY? Does the hero ever stop until he gets what he wants? Until he reaches where he desires to be? And what are you? You are the action hero of your life!

But hey, every action hero goes through a lot of trouble and challenges and mistakes to finally reach his desired point, to finally reach the top, to finally make history with his deeds! There is always a side-kick that helps the hero, makes him see the mistakes, and whatnot! AND WE ARE YOUR SIDE-KICK!

And what does a side-kick do? Helps the hero reach the top of the ladder.

As your side-kick we want nothing but the best for you. We want you to create your goals the right way. We want you to achieve those goals fast and create that success story you’ve always dreamed of!

Climb onto your rocket of success and fly by avoiding these 5 dumb mistakes while setting goals! 🚀

1. If you’ve more than one goal you’ve zero

“It is not quantity, it’s quality”. Setting too many goals will always keep you distracted. We do not wish to become the king of multitasking. We want your laser focus. The kind of focus that tears through all the challenges you face while achieving your goal!

The success of your work towards a goal rests on focusing on just a few things at a time. If you limit the number of goals you’re working on, you’ll have the time and energy you need to do things really well!

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Make your goals sound positive and attractive. For example, don’t say you want to “lose weight”, say you want to “Get healthy!”.

Another example of a negative goal is to “stop staying late at work.” A positive way to rephrase this is to “spend more time with family.”

What is your end goal? Why do you want to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself? Think of it in the most positive way possible; you may be surprised by the difference this makes!


One of the worst goal-setting mistakes you can make is to set goals that don’t align with who you are or what you want out of your life.

Your goal should be an adventure, a thrilling adventure that the hero of an action movie deserves. Your why is your compass for making decisions that feel good. It is the foundation to what motivates and excites you.

Your why should be very personal to you. It’s the reason why you, specifically, wish to accomplish a goal. Your why is the driving force behind your success.


You see someone showing off and instantly you set yourself on the path of wanting that thing. It is easy to let your ego take over your train of success and derail it.

When you set an ego-based goal, your happiness becomes dependent on success, and if you fail you’ll likely feel like a complete failure of a person. Would you want that?

Take “failure” like a champ. And champions never give up! Champions always know what they want and never compare themselves with others.


GOALS, GOALS, GOALS! We talk a lot about goals and what mistakes you might be making while setting goals, one the most common ones is you might not be using the right tools for setting goals.

We tend to forget to use specific tools for goal setting. When these tools are used properly they can be just as impactful as setting a goal and striving to achieve it..

You can use the old pen paper trick, write down your goal, stick in somewhere and look at it everyday. Create a vision board. But hey? We live in the era of mobiles. Everyone is glued to their mobile screen, so use your mobile screen to your advantage. There are several applications that help you track your goal, help you achieve your burning desire.

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